The little things

There are no big things in this world that we have to do. We all have  only little things to do, one at a time and all together it makes a big thing.
All I have to do right now is write one word and then really only one letter at a time. I don’t have to write a book instantly.
All I have to do is pick up one sock and I am beginning to clean the whole house.
The hardest thing is that first little thing.
Once you overcome the first the second is easier and the third practically writes itself.
It is that first step that is the hardest.
In our minds though we have to clean the whole house instantly or do all the taxes or paint a whole new idea . And that equals total anxiety. And avoidance. And running away.

one little thing is all we have to do now and forever.
so with that in mind I think I will start working on that big idea by first making one phone call. That is all I need to do right right right now. That way nothing is really a big project., just a lot of little teeny ones.

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  1. Wow, you’d make a good Buddhist.

    “Time is an illusion. The past doesn’t exist, the future doesn’t exist, so the only thing that is real, is Now. Tap into the power of Now. Be conscious Now. People who live in the past or live for the future are really living “unconsciously.” They find their sense of self, their identity in things that are not real. They are not conscious of the power of Now. The only thing that is real is the step I am taking right now. ”
    etc. 🙂

    Incidentally, I am not Buddhist (and I know you’re not either) , but I think this is a good mental exercise; there are some truths about life in it, even though I think of it only as a helpful metaphor, not a cornerstone of spiritual life.

    I told a friend I would listen to his Eckhart Tolle CDs, and I’m actually enjoying it, except where it conflicts with my existing belief system. Especially the little bell, I want to get me one.

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