the next level

You always have to go to the next level when you are an artist. You can never be content with something that just sells and so that is it.
Market driven art will make the artist stagnant. You get it down and then do it over and over… not so much great for growth.
In aerobics , as soon as you are good with a routine then you should dump it because it is not a challenge anymore,
so you pretty much have to be in a constant state of being not so good at what you are doing.
You gotta go polish something else all the time.
Plants do this. They are always doing something different.
You always have to challenge yourself.
So I better personalize this thing now. All talk and no walk makes you look pretty shallow.
So even though people don’t all like my new work I have to do it. I have to let the slashes go where they will. Something new must come out or I am a redundant bore.
That is how everything is. Even raising children. You get one kid down at the baby stage then they have a whole new set of needs when they get older and older and then the siblings come into play and you get older and older so your body does a number on you that you must constantly fight or you fail miserable.
Change , struggle, grow change struggle grow. those steps follow us our whole lives.
It alternative is so unbearably boring that I would not wish it on anyone.
Isn’t it wonderful – this life. Isn’t it so not boring!

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