The pivotal point

Every show has a point where you are painting and painting then you see what the show wants to be. This is the pivotal point. You may have to go back and make the other paintings get into line with the pivotal one/ In fact you should. The pivot is the turning to what makes sense and is yet another layer of growth.

Every show has to be better and better. You cannot just do the same thing over and over. This show I am working on reached the pivot and the pinnacle yesterday, quite unexpectedly. I thought I was doing okay and the show was jiving.  Then I did this one and forget it — everything else must bow down to the one I did yesterday.

Let me tell you what is great about this painting. That I see, right now. It is simple and perfect and big and interesting and simple and one idea and lovely and simple and simple.  The hardest paintings to paint are the simple ones. The lines have to carry the whole thing and they must do it with grace and power. After I finished the painting reclining woman with silver , I knew I had found the secret of the universe in those eyes and that curve of her breast. It was simply perfect. And I Painted it without any awareness of myself.

When you are in that space it is effortless. But and this is a big but. every year and paintstroke was leading to this moment in time. It was leading to his second when she took flight and declared loud and clear. This is your show!

Hanging in the gallery

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