Tiny house living

There is something intangible about living in a small space. I do not know if it is cozy or having others in the house closer to you physically has an impact on your thinking or not but it seems to.
It just feels different.
It is like when you go into a restaurant and get a booth to sit in. Just because you are in a booth and not at an open table you feel sequestered away in your own space.
It is like being on an island.
That is what my little house feels like. At 600 feel it seems way way big enough.
That is for two of us. I have not had a big dinner party yet in the small space but plan to.
The bad thing about it is it is hard to leave. Friends that have come over tend to stay a lot longer than they did at the big house.
I plan on inviting a family of 7 over to eat. we will have to use two tables to get 9 bodies in here but that will be fun too.
My studio is warm and small and it is easy to spend all day working in there too.
I do watch Downton Abby and the rooms are so lovely and gracious and it does look like a wonderful place to visit but I would not want to live there.

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