I was thinking about this last painting I just finished. Valentine was painted not so much as an eye catcher for a window in a gallery, but from a deep place in my heart. Valentine is a culmination of every belief I have about my place in life as an artist. I painted dozens of faces till I found the one you see here. This face is resolved and content with her life. It is sort of a Valentine to myself that what I have done is worthwhile .

I have come to appreciate the simplicity and ordinary subjects I ponder as worthy of contemplation. Sometimes the simplest things can convey the deepest meaning. A glance from someone you care about can say something that sticks to you and permeates your life. Hopefully it is a glance speaking acceptance and love. The smallest things can have a big impact on how you perceive the world.

This Valentine painting is just that to me. If it is that to me, I hope it is that to the person who ends up owning her. The abundant rose theme is one I have used before but it means the same thing. Find the roses as life and beauty and joy.

The red chair is one from my past in particular but I am sure everyone has a special reminder of a good place in your life, and chairs in my paintings are also a nod to being grounded. The colored dashes swirling around are there to show breath and movement as nothing in life stays the same.

This is not just a pretty painting if you look a little harder. Every stroke of paint an artist puts down comes from somewhere important and it is worth investigating so you can see the work deeper. Happy Valentines Day !

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