What if you could do anything

I have a big house. I have a big house and I am into tiny houses. This is a problem.
If I had nerve I would make the upstairs a fancy bed and breakfast place and decorate it as fun as possible so people could get away from ordinary for a little while.
Usually B and B’s are tastefully decorated.
I hate it when everything matches and is decoratery.
I would like to make a B and B for artist types.

Or want to be artist types for a night.
I have stayed in a lot of B ad B’s and the best one was in France. Well you are in France and the view outside of the countryside was pretty amazing but that is not why I love every second there. The lavish pool and the super fancy antiques and the service was not why I loved it there.
They had art and books and personal things all over the place. I could feel the owners very soul in that room with a view.
that was why it was the best.
A runner up was also in France in Paris. The room had upholstered walls in beautiful french fabric. well that was amazing. It had batting under the fabric so it was really soft. and it made you touch the walls.
The third place was this place by the Bloedel Reserve.  http://www.bloedelreserve.org/ in Washington. It was a carriage house. The reason I loved that place is they had no T. V. and no radio. It was a quiet house. You could hear your heart beat. Because they insisted on quiet , they were pioneers in my book.
When you own the B and B you are the boss. And you can do anything.

So I would want to create a place that was what I would want to stay in.

Art all over the place and unusual colors and hand painted artist furniture and linens that were so outrageous that you could never afford them . And  I would like service where they bring you sterling silver coffee service(like in France)  not just a  creepy coffee maker in the room. And I want a silver platter with amazing breakfast food.

And I dont want to eat in the dining room. I want it to be in my room on this amazing table. that is hand painted.

And I would want a pink bathroom with a pink christmas tree all lit up in there with big fluffy  towels and lots of art and cupcake bath salts by the tub. .

And I would want a stained glass window that is a picture of a peacock wandering in a garden in France. and I would want a balcony full of flowers overflowing and a little table and chairs and lights everywhere and wind chimes.

and no T. V. We have enough bad news without having it at a B and B.

B and B should stand for Beauty and Bounty.

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