What would you do if you only had one day left?

Another good question:  What would you do if you know that in 24 hours you would be gone?  Paring down to a short time is important for writing a mission statement. After telling everyone you loved how much you loved them and spending time with them which I think is what everyone would do. What else…sew up loose ends, write a quick will, write down what you want your kids to know after you were gone. What would you tell them?? What would you do? Important living would manifest itself pretty quickly.

Pare it down to only the essentials. I bet you would read the Bible with renewed interest. I bet you would not watch tv. You might write down memories that would die with you if You did not write them down. I was thinking about this. I would write down as much of what I learned and I would tape thoughts to give loved ones. I have never been to a funeral where there was a tape of the last thoughts- although I would adore to hear something like that. Do this today. make books and recordings and love letters to leave behind.

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