what you need

Every big idea starts with just a glimmer of an idea. A concept floating around in one persons head. Think of the Taj Mahal. This guy liked his wife a lot. That was all it was at first. If he was not crazy about her the Palace would not have been built.

It is mind boggling to think of where something can go. Just a glimmer of an idea. How many ideas do you have that stay in your head and no not get born. We all have a lot of ideas but we need to do the next thing. The next thing is always tell someone what your idea is. Once it is out of your head you can look at it better. Then start writing about it. Look at all the ways to do the idea. Get a little plan. A short plan. Pick the top three practical possible ways to do the the top three most outrageous ways. Do not discount outrageous. sometimes outrageous is genius. write write write to you self and read it over. Red line the parts that stand out when you reread your musings. follow the red lines. Those are the steps to do anything and everything. Start now.

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