When you are on a roll

Sometimes things go so great that you think– what is going on? why is everything so easy.
It is like you don’t want to say anything because you might make it stop somehow.
Sometimes things go the other way but when they are going a good way and the sun is shining on your back and the love is in your life then well then it is pretty great.
Rejoice and get a lot of work done. Who knows how long the window will be open and when it is you better take full advantage of it.
Two things can happen. you can sit back and enjoy the ride , which is what most people do or you can strike out and grow into more than you were before.
Blessings are not doled out for no reason. They are tools to plow the field with not tools to lay around for.
Almost nobody thinks about this till the blessing is passed and now we are in work mode again. Then we look back and say”I had so much opportunity just a few minutes ago and now I lost it.
Youth is like this. Money is like this. God is like this.
Good Lord Child = Don’t miss what is maybe right in front of you. Now!

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