Everyone knows we are only limited by our imagination to do what we want to do. Well we all know it in theory. but in practice most people do know believe that really really for one second. We see road blocks immediately. Why do we see walls and not doors? The doors are always there. The doors are always there. The doors are always there. You just have to stop looking for walls and start looking for doors.

I love tiny houses. What I love is that you have only a few feet to try and build a livable house. You have to look for doors and windows and floor space where at first you see no way to make it work. I look at what people come up with in usually a space that is less than 10 feet by 10 feet. Very small.

Tiny house designers have to make space out of nothing. that is what you have to do with every obstacle in your life. Pretend it is a tiny house and look for space that you have not seen before. The space is there all along but you just have to see it. and sometimes just the process of believing that it is there is enough to see it. You have to make it be there first. YOU have to demand it to be there. You are like the wind, you have to blow your walls down and open the door.


If I was going to die in the next month or so, I would want to leave something behind for my children and grandchildren and maybe even their grandchildren. I would want to leave all the things I have learned by living my life in my time for them to consider. I would want them to know how it is now and how things have changed from my perspective. I would want them to know the things it took me a lifetime to figure out. I would want them to know every creativity thing I know and every beautiful thing I had the honor of being a part of.

If I could have a book with all these things in it from my grandmother and mother and father I would have been enriched so much and I would know where I came from and maybe why I do things that I do. But alas I only have pictures left from my grand parents and they dont tell me anything about what was going on inside their heads and hearts. Even my own parents have not told me the inner secrets of their lives.

So I am going to do it for my granddaughter and my son. They are going to know everything because I am going to write it down. Dear reader, you too should write it down, write it down now, before it is gone forever.

Good Enough

Sometimes I hear people say they don’t think they are good enough to continue on some creative pursuit. It does not matter if you are or you aren’t. You only have to do it for the joy of doing it. That is all that matters. It does not matter if nobody else likes your work. They are not in charge of your life. They don’t know what steps it takes to get to where you are going.

The pleasure of life is the trip, not getting there. Goals are only important to keep you on the road. They are not the be-all and end-all. Winning, selling, publishing, starring or anything else is not important. Only the effort to continue on the journey is important.

No effort equals no life. simple as that.

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