When my husband and I went to Paris for the first time, we stayed in a hotel in the ST. Germaine section of town. The hotel was very old and the rooms were very small. Our room was about 12 by 12 feet including he marble bathroom. We had a tiny table and a tiny bed but it was wonderful.
Even though it was small it was impeccably decorated. Every square in was charming. There was even a tiny elevator that could only hold one person and no luggage. You had to clime the stairs to get to your room.
I don’t think it would have been possible for a large person to fit in this hotel.
We had a wonderful French woman who was the maid she would bring up breakfast to us to eat at our tiny tiny desk in the morning. She loaded it up with all sorts of cheese and eggs and pastries so we carried the extra in my purse to eat for lunch. She would get to the hotel at 5 thirty in the morning(right after the streets were washed down) and start the breakfast duties. On the morning we were getting ready to leave for the south of France we were sitting in the lobby when she came to work. She made me an espresso to drink while we waited for the cab. I had not asked for one, she just made me one and I gave her a kiss. She was the most wonderful thoughtful person and although she did not speak a lick of English and my French is not that great we did communicate that morning.
I was just thinking about her this morning and how much love you can transmit with just simple acts of kindness. Especially to strangers .
Sometimes in a strange country, you don’t even know how much you need kindness until you get it.

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