The greatest feeling in the world

I love to go into my studio to work. My little studio is just right for me. It has all the things I like to look at to feel good about working. Great light, a garden of roses to look at when gazing out the windows. A kitty or two to play with. Paints all lined up gleaming in the sun. brushes, canvases, Alexa, my lemon  tree, tea pot boiling, books and mags for color ideas, pens and pencils for writing. My chair that wheels all around. my sink, my tables. by boho thinking space that can be a sleeping place too. A fireplace , Yeah I have it pretty great as far a studios go. It was built just for me. from scratch. We put a drain in the floor so I could hose paintings off if I wanted to. I should talk about my technique some day.

We built it close to the house for easy walk to work.

I really am lucky to have all this glory. When it is going well in there and something is getting born that is past what I can do, then it becomes a chapel. Getting to that place is every artists goal. Artists make beauty  that can sooth the soul of somebody. that is quite an honor.

The sweet things of life are a place to call your own. no matter how small. it helps you get into alignment.

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