The presence of a person

Some people you like right away. Is it because they are familiar? Is it because they have qualities that you admire. Well maybe so.
But some people have right off the bat (without even knowing anything about them) a presence.
This might sound strange but I think you can every once in awhile feel like you can see inside of them. They are open in their spirit.
And it makes you feel alive and real when you are with them.
I do not know if you can do this at will or it is just something that happens on occasion.
I did have that feeling with Mijis mom. She was the sweetest presence in the room. Even if she could not speak English, the way she looked at you was so wonderful.
I can see why her daughter would cry when she left. I cannot wait to see her again and I don’t know if I ever will.

How wonderful to have a moment with another human being. A moment of clarity and love.
Maybe she is an angel that is visiting earth. It was that strange!

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