the next thing

What happens when you finish the show?  You have to immediately start the next one. So you had a good show.  That lasts for the night of the show. Even while the paint is still wet on the first show, you have to be thinking about the next thing.

It has been my experience that when I am busy painting I can do better paintings right after I just finished a lot of them. Creativity breeds more creativity. Momentum and follow through. “Strike while the iron is hot” is especially true for artists. there is no room for slackers in this profession.

So the next show is a brewing in my brain as we speak and soon it will see the light of day. The goal this year is to get into three more galleries. I am never more alive than when there is the pressure to get it out. Yes and amen to living the creative life. I could not be more in my element. I am flying…

The day after the show

Well the show went perfectly, the crowds were good and the people that I got to talk to were engaging. I especially enjoyed talking to a writer who had just purchased one of my works. I just felt like I had a moment with her. She goes through the same process as me when she writes of course so it was nice to see a kindred spirit.

Also, it was thrilling to meet some old clients who still talk about their paintings. That is what it is all about. sharing what you have been given.It is not about anything else. I do have the greatest job in the world. I can be with other people in a very special way. I love it so much.

I also met another artist at the opening who shows there also. He was very approachable and lively and I enjoyed talking to him. His girlfriend was especially fun to be with and she had the kind of face I love to paint so she will probably be showing up in a future painting.

I wrote my words on the sides of all the paintings and some of the visitors noticed it and were thinking it was a fun addition. We talked about the stories of the women and how we have all gone through some of the things I was writing about.

All in all it was a perfect night and I would say the best artwalk I have ever been on. thank you Seattle for a wonderful night.

the day of the show

I will tell you what an artist wants on the day of the show. We are not marketing paintings, we are marketing ourselves. It is very much opening night at a show when you have to stand by your work and hear what people say about it. or don’t say. Its all very emotional for any artist.

Here is what I would love to happen at my opening. I would be thrilled if someone said they read my blog because if they have been reading for awhile they will pretty much know more about me than most everybody. I would love to have someone say oh I read your blog because I find it interesting. I use what you say to help my life. That would be great to hear. Also I would love to have someone say that they have seen the progression of my work and like the direction I am going.

Maturation is pretty important so it would be affirming to hear that. Also I would love it if a few people really looked at the paintings with thought. I love it when someone stands in front of one for a long time. And yes I wish they would all sell the first night. This is every artists dream. I would cherish someone also coming up to me and saying that they bought something else of mine and still love it. I like to see who owns my work. Because this is a true meeting of souls. buying someones art is appreciating the most deep part of someone. If they get me then I will get them. It is the ultimate meeting of the minds. But usually a lot of people give the work a few seconds glance and move on. and they artist stands there .

Its like you are standing there naked. That is what it is like.

Here is to tonight and a gallery that is my friend to have shown my work for so long.