The day after the show

Well the show went perfectly, the crowds were good and the people that I got to talk to were engaging. I especially enjoyed talking to a writer who had just purchased one of my works. I just felt like I had a moment with her. She goes through the same process as me when she writes of course so it was nice to see a kindred spirit.

Also, it was thrilling to meet some old clients who still talk about their paintings. That is what it is all about. sharing what you have been given.It is not about anything else. I do have the greatest job in the world. I can be with other people in a very special way. I love it so much.

I also met another artist at the opening who shows there also. He was very approachable and lively and I enjoyed talking to him. His girlfriend was especially fun to be with and she had the kind of face I love to paint so she will probably be showing up in a future painting.

I wrote my words on the sides of all the paintings and some of the visitors noticed it and were thinking it was a fun addition. We talked about the stories of the women and how we have all gone through some of the things I was writing about.

All in all it was a perfect night and I would say the best artwalk I have ever been on. thank you Seattle for a wonderful night.

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