the day of the show

I will tell you what an artist wants on the day of the show. We are not marketing paintings, we are marketing ourselves. It is very much opening night at a show when you have to stand by your work and hear what people say about it. or don’t say. Its all very emotional for any artist.

Here is what I would love to happen at my opening. I would be thrilled if someone said they read my blog because if they have been reading for awhile they will pretty much know more about me than most everybody. I would love to have someone say oh I read your blog because I find it interesting. I use what you say to help my life. That would be great to hear. Also I would love to have someone say that they have seen the progression of my work and like the direction I am going.

Maturation is pretty important so it would be affirming to hear that. Also I would love it if a few people really looked at the paintings with thought. I love it when someone stands in front of one for a long time. And yes I wish they would all sell the first night. This is every artists dream. I would cherish someone also coming up to me and saying that they bought something else of mine and still love it. I like to see who owns my work. Because this is a true meeting of souls. buying someones art is appreciating the most deep part of someone. If they get me then I will get them. It is the ultimate meeting of the minds. But usually a lot of people give the work a few seconds glance and move on. and they artist stands there .

Its like you are standing there naked. That is what it is like.

Here is to tonight and a gallery that is my friend to have shown my work for so long.


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