Well Excuse Me

If you do what you want and think you should do you will invariably offend someone. But just because they do not like what you are doing means zero. Unless you are doing something to be purposefully offensive, don’t worry about it.  Undermining is all you get by dwelling on what others think.

Now there is an exception to that rule. That is someone who has done what you are trying to do and has advice. then you should listen. and weigh the consideration out and see if you are missing something.

There are two kinds of people . ones that will encourage you and ones that will drag you down. I try and avoid draggers as I have a hard enough time trying to keep going.

I thank God that several artists had the fortitude to do what everyone said was nuts. Every new thing looks nuts at first because you aren’t used to it. Here is an example. When I was in New York seven years ago this gallery owner had on these weird skinny rectangle glasses. they looked so bizarre and icky. Now everyone wears them. they are the new standard. We get used to things fast. I am saying this because I am doing a new thing and it is going to look weird to you, but I love it.

Will post a pic soon!


I cannot stop thinking about the French people. In France they have  such an abundant way of thinking.

The creatives there are off the charts innovative. Americans by contrast are much more predictable.

the french have no limit to what they juxtapose with any artistic task. And everything is artistic. There are pastries that are only going to exist a few hours and they make them so beautiful that you hate to eat them but  they are so delicious that you have to.

Even streets signs are innovative , even every front door and every window even in the smallest of communities.

We stayed in a town of 200 people  and every house (about 40 houses in the whole town) was a darling gem.

They nonstop see beauty wherever they go so that might be why they are always always dressed up. Girls always wear dresses.


Why is it American to be so different and  seemingly unaware of how we look to others.

I am going back to france and have all these things to ponder before I get there.

Can you bring some of the beauty back??? I hope so



To fly you have to do three things: Not be aware of yourself, not think too much, and project where you want to go.

Sounds easy and doable and fun. But it is not easy. First of all you have to not be aware of yourself. Try doing that for 10 minutes let alone 4 hours. Your mind starts going and you start over-thinking and looking for ways to use what you knew before to make it made sense. It does not have to make sense till it is over. As soon as you start thinking you are seeing where this new idea is going you kill it.

I am talking about painting. But It pretty much works for everything. New ideas are not you. they are not from you they are only going through you for a few minutes. You have to capture them and not try and control them. I am talking again about painting but I know it works for everything. If I get a painting done really really fast then it really should be about 10 times as much money as the usual ones. Because it is done in a selfless, let it be state of being that is hard to get into.

That is why I say some of my works are masterpieces. There was a magic moment when there was nothing stopping it from being born. I was not in the way. So it is not bragging to say you did a masterpiece. It is the most humble thing you can say because it was done without you.

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