To fly you have to do three things: Not be aware of yourself, not think too much, and project where you want to go.

Sounds easy and doable and fun. But it is not easy. First of all you have to not be aware of yourself. Try doing that for 10 minutes let alone 4 hours. Your mind starts going and you start over-thinking and looking for ways to use what you knew before to make it made sense. It does not have to make sense till it is over. As soon as you start thinking you are seeing where this new idea is going you kill it.

I am talking about painting. But It pretty much works for everything. New ideas are not you. they are not from you they are only going through you for a few minutes. You have to capture them and not try and control them. I am talking again about painting but I know it works for everything. If I get a painting done really really fast then it really should be about 10 times as much money as the usual ones. Because it is done in a selfless, let it be state of being that is hard to get into.

That is why I say some of my works are masterpieces. There was a magic moment when there was nothing stopping it from being born. I was not in the way. So it is not bragging to say you did a masterpiece. It is the most humble thing you can say because it was done without you.

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