A bold line in a painting is a confident line! It is not a well-thought-out, calculated line. It is not schooled and hammered in. It is boldness that you can feel.

To get a bold line you have to give in to what it wants not what you want. You have to trust that you won’t wreck the painting and if you do it will be for the better. A bold line is a bold life and it is done fast. But not the usual fast. It is a plunge into the realm of no fear.

Everything in life is like that line on a canvas.  You have to just go and trust that you will not kill anything that was worth keeping. I am speaking on a lot of levels now. Artists know what I mean. because they live there and have experienced it.

Today, live with boldness anywhere you can and you will find that you can find it in a lot more places than you  thought.

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