Paintings that don’t work – right now

It is a tricky thing with painting. You sometimes do a painting that looks different and people say what they heck are you doing, but you have to do it anyway.
that is just the way it is. I dont know why paintings get born that are weird but they do. And you have to let them live. anyway.
there might be something in that painting that you have to learn or hear what it is telling you.
so you have to look at it awhile and be with it and listen to it.
If everyone does not get it then that is ok.
Everyone hates everything new at first.
But if you dont do new things that are a little hard at first then you wont grow.
So if you don’t like something just forget it. You might grow into it.
My mom hated a painting I did a couple of years ago with shoes in it. She said”Why did you put those shoes. You wrecked it.”
But now she loves that painting best.
What I am doing now she hates again but she will learn to like it.

The slashes

I have been doing slashes of paint on the finished painting now for 6 months. I do not know why I suddenly had the urge to start slashing but I did.
I think the first one was” Pearls.” I was sort of covering up the writing I put on the front of the painting and while I was in the middle of that I sort of kept going.
Then I became obsessed with the energy of the slashes. They seemed to make the paintings vibrate.
NOw I am in love with them and don’t want to stop.
Like all new things, there are mixed reviews.
But I have to go with what is speaking to me right now .
I have to .
NO artist has a choice.
You have to obey the leanings . If you don’t do what you think you should, you will be cranky.

What you do

I heard an interesting talk this morning on the radio. It was about why people buy things. People always always always buy because they like the way they feel about the thing they are buying. It is not a logical response. It is 100 percent emotional.
You may think you are buying something because it is a smart buy but you are not. It makes you feel something. You might feel smart, pretty, clever, thrifty, ahead of the curve, wise. or any number of things.
You buy into a belief system that you can relate to.
People showed up to hear Martin Luther King give the “I have a dream speech” not because they heard about it on the radio or television or internet(not invented yet)
The showed up not because they thought Martin Luther King was a great guy. NO they showed up because they felt good about the message and wanted to be a part of that message. They related to it on a gut level.

So what you believe is so important because that is the only thing anyone can hook on to and go with. They don’t care otherwise. Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
I think that is why abstract expressionism took off like it did. Everyone wanted to be the smartest person in the room. They wanted to be sophisticated and get it. It was the newest thing and that is what they wanted.
This idea works on all levels and is very interesting to ponder.

Muscle memory

I always thought that muscle memory was that if you worked out a long time ago and then started again, your muscles would remember and it would be easier for you.
Unfortunately that is not true. Your muscles remember by figuring out how to do something and then it uses everything efficiently so you burn less calories.
That is why you have to do new things all the time. to keep the muscle confused so it will burn energy like a furnace not a slow boat to china.
the burn is your friend.
anyway this is also true for creatives. we get good at something and then it is not challenging and the work seems stale somehow.
Its always the one that is the new level, the first one of the bunch that is the best.
then you have to do something else.
all artists do that. change up the style somewhat to keep it fresh.
too bad life is like that.
You always gotta be uncomfortable. to grow. rats!