The hardest thing for an artist is not being timid. I think it is pretty common. Most of my artist friends have the same problem. That is why galleries exist. We don’t even want to deal with it.
I think the reason is is difficult is because what we do is so close to us that is like selling a kidney. well we just have this kidney by the grace of God and asking money for it is weird.
It is like that.
When a painting turns out really really great, I am always thinking where did that come from. I don’t feel like I created it. It feels more like I was just around and it showed up. I think like that as I am painting. Where did you come from beautiful line. It paints itself.
So when someone says How much do yo want for this, it is hard to say a large number.
that is why galleries are going to exist even though we have the internet and studios .
One person removed from the experience of creation is good.


I like to paint big. When I was a little 12 year old m y parents let me paint on 4 by 8 panels in my room. I filled the room with(you guessed it) big ladies and roses. I was just remembering that. Where that came from I do not know. but since forever I have painted big.
small makes me feel crazy. I did do some small works but they are only faces. I can not draw more than a bit of a person on small.
Big means I get to do a whole body.
A big body.
I paint murals.
Once I did a set of murals downtown Tacoma that were one block long. I did people standing waiting for the bus. they were eight feet tall.
with big shoulders. Well it was the 80’s and big shoulders were in.
I would like to do a mural of a big lady over in Soap Lake looking at the new 60 foot lava lamp. I would like her to be 60 feet long. You could get you picture taken by her arm or her foot or her head but not everything or you would be like the size of a doll.
I am telling you this because size is something we are born with. some people like little exquisite and some like giant.
I have giant blood.


Some galleries are arrogant. I do not know why they act in such a manner but you can walk in a gallery and  feel very uncomfortable. Sort of like you have no right to be there. This is so unfortunate.
I had a friend who wanted to buy a Jaguar. He had cash for a new Jaguar and when he walked into the dealership they shunned him. He did not have a suit on and looked just like a regular guy, but he had cash in his pocket to buy a Jaguar and they snubbed him.
What a foolish thing. He eventually bought one from another place but they could have had a sale.
Sometimes people do not look like they are serious buyers , but they are.
You never know.
I think anyone who takes the time to wander into a gallery should get lots of attention. they might be an artist scouting for new places to sell their work, or they just might be someone who is looking to fill his whole house with art.
But the artworld is totally snooty. In fact the more popular the gallery is the snootier they are.
Don’t let them intimidate you. They just have something to sell, they are not smarter than you or more sophisticated or brilliant. They only have a product to sell.
Go into any one with your head held high. They need you. They are just playing hard to get.
If you come into my studio, I will be very happy to talk to you about anything. I can put down my work and talk. I just have to actually stop painting and talk. I can’t do both at the same time.

Vik Muniz

Vik is an artist who does artwork that is very unusual. He takes a picture and blows it up( sometimes really really big) and then embellishes it with objects. He did art with sugar of some kids that worked in the sugar fields.
He did artworks of people that worked in the garbage dump in Rio with actual garbage spread all around them. So he is a photographer artist.
I saw a documentary about him the other day.
I want to tell you about the garbage dump workers.
People are precious no matter where they end up. He came to Rio(where he grew up) and built a studio in a garbage dump. The pickers were people that would go through the garbage and pull out recycle items and sell them. they made a living that way. Rio is very poor and that is just what some people have to do.
Anyway Vik comes to the dump and get several of the Pickers to help him in his project. He stages them in poses in the dump that look like famous paintings then he photographs them. He blows it up huge and the pickers add garbage to the picture for shading and color. Weird as it sounds it is extremely beautiful.
then he sells the finished art work at auction and gives the pickers the money.
It changes their lives not only because they got some money but because they were a part of seeing themselves as beautiful. Which they were. They all went on to have better lives because they participated in this art project.
I have never seen art used in this way and it was so inspiring that I recommend everyone go see this film . Wasteland.