Space for thinking

I need space for thinking. I did not know I needed this until I had some but now I know.
There is something about big open sky is so big spaces that seem to help clear the mind.
I went to soap Lake again this past week and had an unusual experience.
I was alone for awhile there. Usually there are lots of people around.
But his time I was alone for a bit with just me and the sky. Looking at each other.
me and the sky.
when there are no buildings or people to distract you from how alone you are in the big sky you don’t think about it.
Well we are alone ultimately .I had a weird experience of feeling like I was scared I was so alone. The silence of nobody there but the sky and birds and the wind is different.
It made me think of how I am hardly ever alone.
something is always there. computer, books dogs, people walking by.
I want to do a test.
If I stayed in that different place by myself for a week what would I paint.
what happens when I am distracted always .
would it be the same or really different to be there alone for an extended time.
anyway that is what I am going to do. maybe next month . work and sky and nothing else.

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