A work in Progress

When do you know when a work is done? I contend it is done when it does not bother you anymore. When it sings and when it speaks to you great mysteries and live secrets and everything is coming up roses. Then it is done. Before that, it is a work in progress.

The progress part is fighting and looking and agonizing and screaming and crying. This is not a pretty part. If someone comes into the studio when I am on the process progress part and says something to me, anything to me I totally don’t like it. Because I start to look at it through their eyes and start to immediately find fault and fury and then want to destroy the painting.

You might think I am overreacting but I think that is normal. To all onlookers of all art in progress– don’t say anything. We are not done. We are not done. Do you look at a half baked cake and say that it does not look done? No.
So don’t look at art in progress and make comments. Don’t even say you love it because then I will try and figure out what you love.

2 Replies to “A work in Progress”

  1. So, Sharika. You’re suggesting that I walk up, look it up and down, and turn around and walk away? I get that you don’t want me to say, “she looks funny,” no problem, but not to say anything in affirmation? You would NOT like that. You’d wonder what I DON’T like about it.

    You should just put in ear plugs, or paint where humans can’t interact with your work until it’s done. Paint with the easel’s back to the world.

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