Someone told me once that your body wants to keep doing what it is doing. If you are lying down then you want to keep lying down. If you are moving you want to keep moving. If you are failing you think you will keep failing and if you are doing good you think it will always be like this and when you feel happy you feel like you want to burst with joy and when you are sad you cannot remember what joy felt like, and you think you will die of sadness. Yup we are creatures of habit, even habits that started two minutes ago.

That is why it is good to get the ball rolling in a good direction. We control the direction of our minds. We are the ones who make the ball move. not circumstances. We bob and weave through life. You just have to get good at it.

I did a painting yesterday that I am in love with. It makes me want to go there and be with them. It is the sweetest painting I have ever done. ever ever ever. Most people will love it because it has such a kind feeling that you never want to stop looking at it. this is where I am steering my new paintings. unbearable sweetness. only I can bear it and so can you. I think everyone is starving for sweet. That is my new habit. focused sweetness. that is going to affect everything in my life. yup. that is just the way it is.

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