DSCN0188What is a masterpiece anyway? Both Jackson Pollack and Renoir have created masterpieces. It is not the content so much as the power to last that makes a masterpiece. Every time You look at it is fresh and new.
Fashion can have masterpieces too. The thing is the line that never ceases to be beautiful. Chanel was an artist who found these lines in her work.
There are masterpieces in every field. The design of a tool can be a work of art.
You can train your eye to see a masterpiece by looking at many works of art. Each time you see a new one your mind will be seeing the unseen. You can develop an instinct for seeing them everywhere. That is why it is important to go to museums on a regular basis. When your eye is trained it will affect every aspect of your life. You will learn to see the same way a trained singer can hear more than the normal person.

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