A big vase of flowers

My grandmother always had a big bouquet of flowers in the house somewhere. She always had gobs of jewelry on and always wore a dress. She had a sense of what made everyone feel good around her. My mother had six kids so she could not do this all the time, but she also would strive for that. We were always had something fancy to look at.

There is a scene in “Enchanted April,” where Milush is upset that Lottie spent money on fresh flowers for the table. He says it is extravagant and not a good use of their money. She looks crestfallen and then decides to go away on vacation without him. This illustrates how important a fresh vase of flowers is.

It is not just flowers, It is everything striving to be beautiful in this world. It is an assault against just getting by and LIVING! Even if you have only one small room to live in…PUT FRESH FLOWERS OUT AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.  They are everything you need to realize that life is so short and fragile and gone in a minute. Just like the flowers.

Is that important to think about? YES!

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