I was reading how clutter can totally ruin your life. It is almost like a disease. The clutter becomes more important than people and it takes on a life of its own. I like the 100 idea, only keep 100 things. You don’t need more than 100 things to have a fine life. The rest you can borrow.

With that in mind a library of stuff would be great. Everybody needs things only for a few hours really then they are done with it. I would lend out all my china and good silver and furniture to anyone who needed them for a few hours. They lend art out . Keep it in your house for a few months and then give it back and get something new.

This is not very good for the economy but it would be good for the rental business. And everybody could have a better lifestyle if only for a few hours. This idea may seem wacky but every idea at first seems crazy till you refine it and then you might be onto something.

illustration by this guy

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