A Tree

We have to take out a tree that has been in our yard for 60 years , It was ailing for several years as a result of having a dog claw up the trunk. It was languishing so we have decided to take it out and put a pond in instead. Some people do not love ponds as little kids can fall in but we think that if we are clear on what you can and cannot do it should be fine.
This is all easy for me to say as my husband has to do all the work,
But I am sure a few more people will help us get it done.
Finding time to do a major reconstuction project is the main thing.
There is this thing we have to do most days that takes up a lot of time. That thing is work. So this whole project will become known to us as our other job. But a couple of hours here and there is easy to be found.
First we have to take the tree down and that is kind of emotional.
When you take out bushes or even hedges it feels like cleaning but when you take a tree down that has lived longer than you, well then if feels like a sort of funeral.
good bye old friend. We did love you for a long time.

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