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A landscape designer came over to our house yesterday to draw up plans for a new garden design. Right now we have nothing much put a blank canvas with some hodge podge things poking up here and there. We do have an art studio with is pretty nice and a storage shed and a hot tub. But it is not jiving with what this blank canvas could be.
Lesley Pollack came over and we measured and talked and she fed back to me my dream so I could see it clearer.
This blog is about seeing things and sometimes you cannot see as well as someone else who spends all her time seeing landcapes so you have to hire her.
My mom always kids me about why do I have to have help in so many areas that are creative.  Why am I not able to just do it myself.
Well it just is like that. I need help seeing my own vision sometimes and this is one of those times.
My husband has to do all the work so it will take a while to accomplish the task of a brand new garden but he is up for it.
So we are doing a beach italian crunchy gravel wandering statues and fountains and ponds and trees that bloom and big bushes and gobs of floppy roses and grapes dripping over the pergola and chandelier garden.
As we plan to have concerts in my yard this summer we need a large space for seating and some kind of stage with a cover. This stage with a cover will double as a place for kiddos to play and a place to work out and a place to have tea with my friends.
Multi use is the operative word here.
From all the tiny house living research I know everything must do at least three things. or forget it.
I better stop writing or your eyes will fall out from tiredness. more tomorrow.

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