A twin

White noise is sometimes used to allay fear. If there is chattering around you feel like you are not alone.
but you are alone. Everyperson is basically alone in their own body. they might have friends all around but you are alone to make up all the decisions of the day.
Nobody likes to be alone. It is too quiet. Your mind turns up the volume on old tracts that replay in your head.
Too bad this the the only enviroment that works for getting art done.
But I have a trick that might help get over the aloneness.
Pretend you have a secret twin. Crazy as that sounds it works to have someone to discuss things with even if it is only an imaginary other side of your mind.
the other side of your mind usually knows all the answers and can always help you if you let it.
I think the Queen uses this method and that is why she always says ” We are not amused”
My twin has a life of her own. She is the exact opposite of what I am. Where I am weak she is strong. She is way more serious than me.
she keeps the checkbook straight.
She cleans up the house when I am done painting.
she has red hair. she always is up for an adventure.
Wouldn’t you like a friend like that . Well it is right there in your right brain.
conjure one up for yourself.
It is pretty fun do.
Oh yes my twin is named Zorro. and she is 34.

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