Go Be Fabulous

How does a person become fabulous? It has nothing to do with innate skill, or fame or money or anything like that. Being Fabulous is this.
Fabulous people are generous with their lives. They give whatever they have. They share.
Fabulous people dress in a way that gives joy to everyone who see them. You do not have to be a millionaire to do this you just have to be creative. A fabulous person might wear a hat just to be jaunty.
That makes everyone who sees them smile and that is a gift.
A fabulous person wears lots of jewelry. You don’t even have to be young and beautiful . You can be an old lady but you should always wear lots of jewelry so that anyone who looks at you will get a little sparkle in their eye.
If you are a fabulous man wear a vest or cufflinks or a scarf or a hat or something clever. Everybody loves that and it adds an air of importance to you just being alilve.
A fabulous person is not lazy
A fabulous person joins committees and h as lots of ideas and does them
A fabulous person does not get offended for any slight.
A fabulous person lets that go well, because they are so fabulous.
A fabulous person walks into a room full of people and looks for someone who needs some fabulous attention and gives it to them. A fabulous person does not care just about how comfortable they are but tries to make others comfortable.
When a fabulous peson falls down or has some other difficulity in their life well they look at ┬ásaid obstacle in the eye and says” Well then how can we be fabulous here?”
I know fabulous people and I have seen them be fabulous in all circumstances.
they know that being fabulous is a powerful and wonderful thing.
So I say to you dear reader. Go forth and be fabulous!

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