Leaving reality behind and going to the place where there are no guidelines or clues or ideas is scary. It is easier to get a plan and execute it. Just do it, it is right there.

No staring at a white canvas and say speak to me… is harder. You just have to start and see where it goes. Let the first line tell you what the next line will be.

How do you correct a line that is just random??? You have to see it. How do you see it. This is how. When it stops making you sick and starts making you feel settled then it is there that you stop. Writing , or anything really is this but they only way to find it is to start looking and you can’t start looking till you are in process.

My Web master is going hiking a lot. I am sure he did not know what he would find till he started going on that first hike. Then the next , then the next. It is an abstract thing too. one foot in front of another. It is a faith thing that you aren’t just wasting time. You aren’t . More than getting there is all you find on the way.

Painting, walking, writing, . really who cares about the end when the journey is the main deal. Finishing just means get on to the next first step into the unknown.

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