Death to Life

I did not know what my show was about until I finished the last painting. It is a story of Death to Life. I thought I was doing a show about angels but that quickly gave way to death to life. Instead of depressing it gives me joy to see how this unfolded.

And it did unfold on a lot of levels. It was a game changer.

Art is never static. It breathes. It does not keep secrets.

It tells the truth.

The paintings I did before were outside looking in and these are inside looking out. This is the most personal show I have ever done and I think the best.

You have to grow in anything you do or you start to die.

this show is about death and life  and how it is necessary for one to have the other. Even if circumstances look different they are dramatically dependent on each other to be. What we all have in common are these two things. Life and Death. and that is what this show is about.

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