An important line

Important paintings are ones that are breakthrough new idea works. The best ones are the ones that you did not see coming. Usually after days and days of striving and thrashing about and almost total despair you might end up with something new.

In the world of painting something new is hard to come up with. Everythng has been done before. You think this till you do something unexpected and it is now the new thing and you have a new level to reach, from here on out. Painters never get as good as they will ever get.  Never.  You always can do better. Even if that better is something more simple than your previous work.

It is harder to be simple and profound and beautiful than it is to be elaborate. To strip everything away but he most simple idea that is perfect is my newest goal. New space, new feelings. I crave a simple line. A beautiful simple line will take you a lot further than you think. That line has to resonate into the depths of most peoples understanding. If a lot of people understand it then it is a true line. It is a beautiful line and it will never stop speaking to you.

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