Moving Day

Most people find moving day horrific. All the boxes and going up and down stairs and the total exhaustion when you are through.

But I find it exhilarating. Going through and looking at the things you have acquired over the years is an important part of moving. closing. changing. opening a new space in your life for something else.

The truth of the matter is we are in constant flux. We change all the time in our perception, and our learning and our experiences. So really as soon as we get the house just right it is outdated. Almost like the latest computer gadget. Our cells totally are new every seven years. Even our body changes every day. It is best to embrace it and move on.

Move move move , until you can’t move anymore. Let God stop you from moving. He is the only one who can really stop you from moving. Moving equals living.

picture by By SisterMaryEris

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