Everyone seeks approval all the time. Everyone wants to be loved and so seeks approval from others. Artists are even more vulnerable to this. First we have this thing in us, this bent that compels us to do what we do. The way we do our art is not a personal choice. I am pretty sure it is chosen for us from the beginning of time. We do art that feeds our soul first.

Because not everybody likes all your work does not mean it is bad art.  Resonation is such a personal thing. There are natural laws that make something look right in our minds and when you disturb those laws it does give you an uneasy feeling. Depending on what is inside of you you will gravitate to the natural law or you will go toward the opposite. People can relate to you or they do not.

Art makes the unseen world visible. So if some art seems really too weird to be called art, just remember there is a  person behind it baring his soul. An artist is just doing what he must do. It is not a choice.

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