Everything in you

Everything in your swirls around all day and night and makes you into what you will be right now. All the past is floating around in your memory, all the nooks and crannies of your decisions lie waiting for you to process. It is much more effective to use this instead of it using you.

I wear big flashy bracelets for a reason. they remind me of the time I have spent and the time I have left. I do not have time left not to wear big flashy bracelets. Everything I want to do better be in the works right now. I do not have the luxury of being nervous or cautious. NO after 50 you better give your best performance. But if I was young I would start immediately to start my dreams.  Nobody ever told me that when I was young. Nobody told me anything about life.

If I had children I would teach them to not be afraid of being who they are and going after it. If I had a class of kids I would tell them everything I learned and cheer them on. You cannot discount the power of getting cheered on.

bracelet photo by this person

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