We are like movie projectors. What is in us is projected. Whether we like it or not. You might think nobody can see what your are feeling inside  but you cannot hide it. The image we have of ourselves comes through loud and clear.

I knew a gal that was  not physically very attractive , she was kind of mousy looking. But she projected extreme self confidence and beauty. even though she did not have a lot of natural beauty you totally thought she was beautiful.

Her insides were coming through loud and clear. She not only projected self  value but she was intimidating.

A person that knows where they are going and doing is intimidating.

And they are a gift.

we don’t own our lives. We should go forth and be ourselves as though we are extremely valuable, because we are. How can everyone else get to use our value if we shut it away in self loathing.

A friend of mine says “she is rocking that dress”  You can rock your life if you are aware of this . WE BELIEVE WHAT YOU PROJECT ON YOUR SCREEN

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