If you have a big decision to make you weigh the pros and cons look at strengths and weakness and then you have to throw in the unknown factor. The unknown factor is the part is you don’t see coming. Like the housing crisis. When you bought an investment house in 2005 , you felt like you were making a responsible, sure fire, good to go investment. You did not see the housing crash coming. Or did you?? Some things are too easy. easy money is one of them, it always has a price. That was the biggest indicator of risk. How easy is it “AT FIRST”.

Investing now is even scarier. Because you saw what happened. On the other hand, people are people and they still have needs and they still want to enjoy life.

Which brings me to my biggest point. It is only a risk if what you have is not high quality. Quality and Value do not go out of style. or demand. People want those two things always. Houses still sell in 5 minutes if you have a pristine good value house. People know a value when they see it and that is what they want. Give them that and you will reduce your risk factor. Even in the great depression some things always did well.

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