The paintings that I sell the most are girls in red. anything red seems to attract people to buy. Why is a woman in  a red dress irresistible ? Two things. The female form is a powerful motivator. You combine that with the most alluring color in the world and it is a dynamic duo.

Color is such a life supporting thing. Anything Red in a room will immediately attract your eye.

You feel energized  and  excited at the same time. Maybe it is what we associate with the color that triggers our brain to respond like that but you can use that to promote an idea that you want to get across. You can have too much of a good thing too. Once I had a show and it had about 7 big red paintings in it. A customer went on and on  about how there was too much red. She just couldn’t take it. It was overwhelming to her.

But a big red painting in a dull colored room will breath life into it like nothing else will. If I had red walls , I would put the bluest paintings I had up so it would balance it out. Black and white  on red will feel like war. I would stay away from that.

Yellow makes you be more creative. when you look at yellow, a chemical is released into your brain, and that makes you think more creatively. Yellow is happy and that relaxes you so you can think more free form.

You probably know that jail cells are painted pink to calm down the prisoners down. I painted my bathroom pink to take long luxurious baths in. Works like a charm. I don’t care what sex you are pink will calm you down. We sleep better in pink sheets.

Beige. I do not believe in beige. It is like dirty white. and I feel sad and alone when I have to look at it. NO walls should be beige . or greige or any awful color.

Color can be used to help so many areas of our lives . I do not think neutral colors are neutral. Nothing is neutral. Neutral tells me I am too afraid to live.

I say live and breath and have your being!

I need a bright yellow studio .

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