How to stand on the top of the world

Attitude is everything, plain and simple. Let me tell you a story.

When I lived in San Francisco, I had this boyfriend who dumped me. I was doing the usual crying sad thing when all of a  sudden I had this realization that I could choose to be happy instead. I could in fact be super happy and have the  greatest life as it was all dependent on me making my mind up to do so. How happy did I want to be?  Really really happy and joyful. The second I thought that I felt this overwhelming sense of power.

If you are not dependent on your environment, then anything can happen and it will be ok. You could be sitting in a jail and be happy or your husband could just leave you with 12 kids and no money and you could be happy still. Your mind will obey you no matter what you tell it. That takes all the power of everybody else away and gives it back to you, where it belongs.It is your life so you should be in charge of how things are run in it. Your life is like a store. You can   always get new inventory.

Anyway back to my story, I walked down the street happy as a lark and two things happened, I  became strong in a new  area , and I was a magnet for what happened next.

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