I went to Hawaii to find a new way to depict the Islands. My gallery in Seattle is opening one in Maui and I needed to actually go there to find a muse.

Even though I was at an artworkshop I could not really paint anything but what I came for and I did not know what it would be.

I did not even know where to focus because it might be a color or a line or something I could only sense.

So basically I was walking around looking and breathing in what I saw and looking for it . I had to find it . The thing that would tell me what I would do. I am so grateful that another person at the workshop was not painting and she and I went for a drive to find something.

Well I did find something maybe 20 minutes into looking. A woman was working at an antique store and her face was what I was looking for. She was the feeling that matched Kauai. Lush Beautiful Romantic Dewy and super feminine.

So I asked her 10 seconds after looking at her if I could hire her to pose for me to paint my show.

She said yes and it turned out she was a professional model. Well she also is a dancer so that was a major plus.

Bailey came out to our resort and posed for one hour while my darling National Geographic Photographer Quality photographer dear friend took 1200 shots. Basically everything Bailey did every second she was with us was gorgeous. She moved with such grace that it was pretty exciting.

so I came home and looked at those pictures for one month till I absorbed what  I needed. And here is the first one.

what a gift to have found this unbelievably  beautiful woman where I did.

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