One Hour

My friend Susan Cowan took the shots of Bailey. Without her I got nothing. Without Bailey I got nothing. And nothing is what would be created to reflect Kauai. But I was fortunate to get everything immediately. Everything from finding her in the first place to taking the great shots to her coming with three outfits, to her being a dancer and just flowing with every move, to the rain that stopped pouring down about 30 minutes before she came and then started after she left again. and the sun that came out and shone on her face and the plants that glistened from the rain . And the fact that we were staying in a super luxurious resort with about 10 different locations to shoot from without going anywhere. So everything just happened as though it was meant to be. That is why I stared at the photos for one month, I could not believe it all happened the way it did. Can you believe it.

And something else, I have to support my family on art for six months which my husband goes to school. I needed this to get a whole body of work to make it work. But something tells me it will be ok.

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