Black and White

Sometimes it is easy to get frustrated with the quality of work you are doing and feel like you have done this same painting too many times and your begin to not see it anymore. Numbness sets in and you cannot hear what to do next.

That is a perfect time to do something completely different to wake up your brain and relax it at the same time,

When you depend on a constant source of ideas to keep streaming because that is your job in life, and those ideas seem to choke… you have to have a plan, a habit. a go to place where you can get going again. Freaking out and getting depressed and afraid that you have lost your mojo is a normal reaction. Even when you know this fact, I think you can still slip into the panic stage . It is sort of like a car wreck. It catches you by surprise and you are dazed for a little while.

So that was happening to me this month. This is the pattern. First the chocking, then the self talk about what a scary thing it is to choke then the self talk about why are you even calling yourself an artist then the depression then the withdrawal and more depression then the deep sadness then the anger then the more freaking out then the starving then the panic. Oh it goes on but you get the idea.

Even though I know all these tricks to keep going there was one missing element. i needed someone to remind me that I have been here before.

That is why creativity groups are invaluable . They can keep you from drowning.

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