I am me because my little dog knows me

I used to read Gertrude Stein Books. I love how written is written. She must have been the original stream of consciousness writer. The title of this blog is from one of her books.

I love how she mixes up the words and repeats them and doesn’t make sense sometimes in the literal understanding but her writing spoke to me on another level. She was a painter brain who used words to paint with.

What we respond to in this life is the only way we know what to do with out our time. A dentist is a dentist because he loves teeth and little tiny movements. A writer loves to look at words and make them grow into stories, A builder loves to watch skylines evolve.

We all respond to something and it feels good and we pick it and it becomes our life and our identity and our destiny forever,

Everybody picks something.

We pick  something then we give it away to anyone who will take it. We need someone to take it, see it , read  it buy it need it. We need someone to need us to be alive.


I think when you know what you have is not about keeping but about giving it makes it easier to  pick the right thing,

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