Brain Junk Food

There is a lot of junk food for our brains that we take in that we aren’t even aware of. Every time you watch a mindless television program or movie you are filling your brain with information that is taking up space where good food should go. It not only doesn’t feed you but it makes you fat. A fat brain is one that is clogged up with thoughts that will not help you do one thing but spin in a circle and waste time. Imagine an hour glass with sand constantly flowing out. Well that is our life. We don’t even know how much sand we have.

Just as our bodies need to get proper nutrition to thrive so do our brains. Spiritually, physically and emotionally. What will I feed my brain today? Good dreams and visions and inspirational messages or junk food. You only get out what you put in. Have a no-media week and fill that precious time with precious things. Write, read, dream, live, grow, strive, fight, fly and fill up your bank account with yes.

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