My Webmaster

You all must know that my webmaster picks out the pictures to go with my blog when I don’t have an illustration.  I am going to tell you how great he is. Most webmasters do not help you manage a blog, but mine does. It is so helpful to have second pair of eyes look at this thing before you do.  I don’t know what this would look like without him helping me.

I hope that what I say every day helps someone spark new ideas that they can use forever. That is my biggest hope, and Phil Lewis ( web guy) helps me get the message across in a way that someone can use. This is the embodiment of synergy. We work together to make a new thing. The future ideas I have are to do an interactive video and several youtube links to illustrate ideas even better.

The better I get the big idea, the better you will get it and there is a whole world out there of new ways of getting it. So cheers to Phil Lewis for all he has done in making this blog more user friendly.

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  1. I suspect about 1/2 of the images I pick you wouldn’t have picked – so I sometimes wonder if I’m more of a nuisance than help. But it’s a creative outlet for me too. I wish you would pick images yourself. 🙂

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