Open Mind

Any time you hear “Now you have to be open minded about this,” means that this will be hard to imagine. I think that is a good way to start your day. Most of us go through the motions of living most of the day. I spend my whole life thinking about being creative and I will have a tendency to do this too.

But a creative person and a creative way of living is always open minded ready to receive new information that might be better than before. Once you have the basics down”what is true” the rest is changeable. God does not change, but then God is way way way way way bigger than we are and He doesn’t have to change and grow as He is infinity. We are not infinity so we have to have an open mind to grow grow grow grow.
A good exercise for looking at this concept it to question why you do anything. Could you do it better? Even getting up in the morning can be an adventure and you can do it differently and then you might see something else differently and realize something else etc etc. If youjump out of bed and go for a run in the dark morning that might be different. If you wake up and pray for an hour that might be different. If you get up and call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time that might be different. Anything you do will jog you an open mind because it is awakened. Open Awake Alive.

All good things.

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