Butterfly Net

Ideas are like butterflies that appear suddenly and are full of wonder and beauty. They flutter by your face for a second, breeze across your mind, light on a twig or a flower bud and then just as quickly they are gone. It is always a surprise when you catch a glimpse of one out of the corner of your eye and sort of chase it with first your eyes and then maybe your legs just for a chance to get a better look for a second.

Ideas are like that. In the middle of just living sometimes one comes that  is out of nowhere and seems to light on your head for a second. An idea that maybe be something brand new or something that is the solution to a problem.

You just have to catch them before they leave because just like a butterfly they are visiting you just for a moment.

I don’t know how  many great ideas have come and gone with me but there is one thing that always happens. I think I will remember to write it down when I get a chance. Then by the time I get to a convenient place to do just that, its gone. Now what was that thought and why can’t I remember it.

So it is pretty depressing to lose a gift like that.

If you think of ideas as butterflies you will know to stop write and file right away. Keep a notebook on your body all the time. It is more important than that pesky cell phone.or keep a pen on you and write it on your arm. At least you will know where it is.keep a post it pad on the dash of your car and scrawl out key words so you can remember if you are driving.

Do you ever get an idea that feels like someone punched you in the stomach . Those ideas are important and you should not let them go because they also are on butterfly rings and will leave in a fee moments.

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