We all have soft sides that we either show or don’t ever show. Our soft side is where we are vulnerable ¬†and tender and it is closest to our deep hearts. Showing your underbelly to anybody is risky because they might not like what you are and you might get rejected in an area that is really you.

that is why most people save showing that side to a few people that have proved safe.

Sometimes someone will expose themselves in this area without the usual safety guards up. They just say well here I am.

I love people that have the courage to do that. They are my favorites in all the world. It makes me love them for their courage alone. You can feel instantly close to someone like that as you don’t have to go through all the stages. You just go to their home and that is it.

To live like that is dangerous to a point if you are afraid of pain and suffering at possibly being rejected but it also is wildly alive and freeing to now guard yourself. Don’t put up your dukes.

the cost of being safe is being lonely.


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